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How to Unblock a Filtered Website

Occasionally someone tries to browse to an educational website, but gets blocked and a message similar to this appears:


Why this happens:

We have a server that sits between our school and external websites that is used to filter out inappropriate content and sites that might lead to the downloading of malicious code. A company called WEBSENSE tracks websites they feel are inappropriate to our educational needs.  Their list is compiled from many different sources, including requests from our school district.  If the site you want to access is on their list, the above message appears.

How to unblock a site

Visit the site from your home or other site where it is not filtered. (The district cannot be responsible for any undesired results from visiting the site.) Thoroughly check the site for inappropriate content by browsing several pages and follow several links from different pages. If links take you to sites outside of the web site you are visiting, evaluate the content of that new site.

Send a message to your building’s Tech Support Account with the following information:

  •   Site= (the site portion of address)

  •   Folder= (the folder within the site)

  •   Start Date= (when you would like the site unblocked)

  •   End Date= (when to block the site again, blank for never)

  •   Reason= (simple message explaining your reasoning)

The following email would request an unblock of the content located at http://www.sitename.com/folder1/ , and all the content within folder1 and all folders below folder1.  The site would remain unblocked forever or until another message was sent with an end date.

You can learn more about Proxy Servers and Filtering at