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The students and staff of Coos Bay Public Schools will embrace the use of instructional technology and use it as a part of their everyday work in the school setting.  Technology will be used to improve student comprehension, participation and performance.

Instructional Technology Goals

To meet the School Board's goal of high standards and continuous improvement for all students, students from grades K-12 will use technology to achieve learning goals.

  • Coos Bay School District will establish a technology-enriched learning and operational environment to prepare our students for success in life and work and to improve the performance and productivity of our schools. 

  • Technology will be integrated into the curriculum across all relevant subject areas, and throughout all grade levels, to assist our students in meeting the Oregon performance standards and Coos Bay School District standards.

  • Training and professional development will be provided to assist all district staff in integrating technology resources into the curriculum, achieving administrative productivity, and functioning effectively in a high performance educational environment. 

  • The district's technology infrastructure will be sufficient to support instructional and administrative activities, providing connectivity to every classroom.  Curriculum needs will guide the implementation of the infrastructure in the schools. 

  • Network operation and equipment maintenance services will be provided to ensure network and equipment performance and reliability.  Technical support services will be established to support the staff in their use of the technologies.

  • The district's technology resources will support access to lifelong learning opportunities for the community as outlined in the Consolidated District Improvement Plan.

  • The district will insure equity of access, addressing any issues related to socioeconomic, special needs, cultural, and gender use of technology that may arise. 

  • The district will establish an effective, ongoing planning and implementation process for technology.

  • The district will annually assess progress towards these goals.